Назад к списку


   Of late, my news feed on all social platforms has been bombarded by a similar kind of visual and similar information. 

   It is the same verdict everywhere. The same condemnation everywhere. Everywhere it is the same banner held up by the good “herd” of the Society. What is the cry ? The cry is this - “Social media has destroyed human interaction. Individuals have closed their doors and locked themselves in their phones and in the virtual world. We are a society of zombies hunched over our phones, seeking salvation and gratification in the click of an emoticon”. 
   True ! Yet not entirely true. 
Nothing is as simple as a thoughtless condemnation. Even fairy tales are not so simple. 
People today have chosen social interaction in the virtual world, over social interaction in the physical world. Yes ! We are like isolated islands. 
But is this a reason to beat the voodoo drums of despair? 
My question is - "is social media and online interaction really so bad ?"
And more importantly, why are people running away from social interaction in the physical world ? What were the “chinks in the armour" that led to such a situation ? What is it that which pushes the people into their phones ? How much is the real social structure responsible for it ? 
Whenever a system breaks down, it is because of some incorrect spoke in the wheel. 
Our society has always been driven by social stratification. There are barriers everywhere. Caste, class, creed, colour, religion, politics, relationship etc etc. And now we have the mother of all stratification - money ! Consumerism has created an insurmountable gulf. Economic Stratification is intensely active in the most liberal of societies. 
When I meet my neighbour or my client, I am instantly scanned and judged on all parameters of social stratification. I am judged for the wealth displayed on my body. My Gucci purse and Chanel perfume. Everything. 
It is not that I do not like designers and brands and money. I love it. My favourite is Burberry !!     But guys , I do not like to be judged on such frivolous parameters. 
How do I interact with people I do not relate to. How do I socialise with people who are not on my frequency or wavelength !! I cannot !!!! 
Social media gives me freedom from all barriers and from all stratifications. 
Here, mind talks to mind. If you are on my wavelength, I follow you and interact. If not, I block you. It is simple. It has nothing to do with money, nothing to do with any stratification. On the social media, no classification exists. Everyone finds their groove and their community.
And now my primary question. Is it really so bad to be hunched over your phone ? 
Businesses have gone online. Real time businesses need online support. 
Marketing, image building, trading, stock market, blogging etc, everything is online. 
Every conceivable manner of earning money has become online. 
With bitcoin, even words have turned to gold. 
Under the circumstances, I have to be hunched over my phone. (I am writing this for you to read, hunched over my phone) . I sit glued to my laptop. I manage my websites and blogs and businesses. I write. I chat. I exchange ideas online. I express opinions and raise my voice on matters important to me. I connect online with the one who is on my wavelength. I go on vacations. I have my dogs and duties. I have my hobbies and passions. 
I neither have the time nor the inclination to talk to my neighbour who looks at me as if I am an alien. Only because I do not pass the “classification test” for him !! 
Richard Bach said “People of the same family are rarely born of the same blood or live under the same roof “ . It is so true. 
Internet has helped to bring people of the same family together. And this cannot be a cause of mourning. 
If Aristotle, Plato, Carl Jung , Freud, Tolstoy, Einstein, Picasso were alive today, they would be hunched over their phones, happily exchanging ideas !!! And locked in their studios working !! 
No system is perfect. But every system comes as a correction to the imperfection of the previous system. Every action is a reaction. 
It is time to stop demonising social networking . It is worth a thought why we are glued to our phones.
And, for heaven’s sake, stop posting those moronic images of sad people on their phones. 

Guys , we are happy. I am happy writing. You are happy reading !! And there is a world waiting for you out there - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Steemit, Golos, YouTube, Google+ . And Google Navigator. How could I forget it. I would be lost without it !!! 
Am I socially defunct. Oh yes !! But I am normal !!  

Neha Bisht