My idea


I am a man of Science. 


Science is proof of all things known. And mathematical calculations cannot be disputed. 

Elliot Wave Analysis is scientific logic. Here 2 + 2 = 4 , always. Fibbonacci sequence follows a logical pattern that cannot be questioned. And Golden Ratio is irrefutably present everywhere. Elliot Analysis is not a speculation. It is a mathematical deduction. It requires precision to the last point. Trading for me is a life science. What is applicable in life, is applicable in trading. Traders , in my opinion are the new soldiers of the modern world. We strategize, attack, defend, conquer, fall & fight again ! We are a team ! Today we live in a world that is changing exponentially. Money governs everything because survival of self and loved ones is imperative. However money is not just a currency for me. Money, in all forms, from dollar to bitcoin, is a financial movement for me. And Finance to me, is a study. Finance is an art for me. An art to be admired, studied and understood. I believe nothing is random. Everything is connected. There is a pattern to everything. Fibbonacci & Elliot Wave are my mad passions. Socionomics intrigues me. The energy of financial movements is the energy of life. The stockmarket for me is throbbing and alive with life energy. I am an artist in my soul. I like to draw. I draw charts to beautifully foretell which way the breeze blows. I create paintings to reflect the tide of my soul. I am a scientist in my mind. For me everything follows a logical sequence. But to understand that sequence, you need an intuitive awareness. I love money. Who doesn't ? But money’s not everything for me. I want my world to be a better place. You too are a part of my world. I want your world to be a better place. 

I want this world to be safer and better for our children.  And I want to contribute my little bit in making our environment better. I believe that it is a better world if there is growth and opportunities for all. If my skills help in bringing opportunities and well-being for all, then I have achieved my goal. 

I have found my golden fleece !





I am indebted to the invaluable support , wit and humour extended to me by my support team -



Neha Bisht 




The daughter of the venerable Devraj Singh Bisht, Niece Dan Singh Bisht, Granddaughter of the princess of Nepal. 

Writer by inclination. Artist by choice. History and Psychology, Politics interest me. Multilingual with help of Google Translator! My philosophy - Use Instincts to Understand & Logic to Analyse. My physics teacher in school used to say " Neha Bisht, when your calculations and methods are correct, your answer is wrong !! When your answer is correct , then your calculations and methodology is wrong. How do you do this ! " And the day I used to go home feeling I have done excellent in my Maths test. I used to get 1 out of 10. And I had no clue how ! 


Oleg Kozlov




I am a practicing psychologist. Art & information are my passion.  I love to know.  I love to explore all realms of knowledge. For me life is all about expanding horizons and venturing into all areas of information.I am a thinker and a man of constructive ideas. Progressiveness is my definition of being a human .  My philosophy, 

"In times of technology, ignorance is a matter of choice ". 

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Konstantin Bytensky

(Citizen of the world) 

The Genius Programmer & The Crazy Web designer. Lovely paranoid. All the money is not spent on whores but on psychologists! He loves and hates his mother at the same time. The Jewish half-blood. This is not Shiva. It is the God of computers. The fact that he loves and hates his mother makes him a genius! 

Leo Katz



Citizen of Canada and the world. Finance is my passion. Trading is my love. I believe in EWT. I am a connossiour of art. I love to see money grow and multiply. I have definite political views. Admirer of Nature, animal world fascinates me. My philosophy is, "live life to the fullest ! "