Yuri Chernenko (Ukraine) 

 ( Founder & Owner )


Yuri Chernenko

Who am I?

I am a man of science. A researcher who applies logic in seeking out truth and knowledge. 

Details are my forte - "The Devil Is In The Details! "


I am a trader by profession, applying Elliott Wave analysis. Elliot Wave is a passion of mine.


My interests are diverse, ranging from art and mathematics, to nature and philosophy. I am a connoisseur of cigars, cognac and chocolates.


My thoughts


My idea  Science is proof of all things known. And mathematical calculations cannot be disputed.


Elliott Wave analysis is based on scientific logic. Here 2 + 2 always equals 4.

The Fibonacci sequence follows a logical pattern that cannot be questioned. And the Golden Ratio is irrefutably present throughout the universe.


Elliott Wave analysis is not mere speculation. It is a mathematical deduction. It requires precision to the smallest, finest point. Trading for me is a life science. All of that, which is applicable in life, is applicable in trading. Traders, in my opinion, are the new soldiers of the modern world. We strategize, attack, defend, conquer, fall & fight! We battle as a team. 


Today we live in a world that is changing exponentially. In this world, money governs everything because one's survival and survival of one's family & loved ones  is imperative. However, money is not just a currency for me.

Money,in all forms, from dollar to bitcoin, is a financial movement, a flow for me. And finance for me is not just an empirical study. It is an art to me. An art to be admired, studied and understood. I believe that nothing is random and that everything is interconnected. There is a pattern to everything.


Fibonacci sequences and Elliot Waves are my mad passions. Socioeconomics intrigues me. The energy of financial movements is the energy of life. The stock market for me is throbbing and alive with life energy.


At the core of my soul, I am an artist. I love to draw. I draw charts to beautifully foretell which way the breeze will blow. I create paintings to reflect the tide of my soul. In my mind I am a scientist. For me, everything follows a logical sequence. However, to understand that sequence, one needs an intuitive awareness. 


I love money. Who doesn't ? But money is not everything for me. I want my world to be a better place. You too are a part of my world. I want your world to be a better place too. I want this world to be safer and better place for our children. And I want to contribute my little bit in making our environment better.


I believe that it can be a better world if there is growth and opportunities for all. If my skills can help in bringing opportunities and well-being for all, then I have achieved my goal and I have found my golden fleece !